Hello and welcome to The Nature Explorers, I'm Michael C. Clark naturalist and explorer. I travel the world in search of ecosystems to explore and document cinéma-vérité style. Expeditions usually take place in an area of five square miles or less within a duration of 7-21 days and focusing on the entire ecosystem flora, fauna, geology, weather, landscapes, and Homo sapiens depredations. I do not specifically seek out, bait, or wait for species, filming what is encountered while exploring the ecosystem on foot.

The purpose of these expeditions is to help in Homo sapiens ceaseless quest for knowledge by documenting the ecosystems as they are forever evolving with planet Earth as they have for billions of years but are now changing more rapidly due to anthropogenic activities. These ecosystem videos, audio recordings, and photographs are especially designed to be used for educational instruction and testing purposes as well as scientific study of the ecosystems. Therefore narrations have been left out and classical music used in the background when no natural sound is available, ultimately leaving the videos for self interpretation, individual discovery, and for professors to explain or show as examples in a classroom setting.

No plant or animal species were harmed during our expeditions, all species are filmed in their natural habitat and are not coerced or paid for any performances. This is Mother Nature's movie if you have script questions please direct them towards her.